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The Museum of All Brent Life: call out for artists

 Posted On 23 May 2019

Local memories, stories and myths curated in libraries across the borough

The Museum of All Brent Life is a living museum created in ten Brent neighbourhoods in collaboration with its six council-run and four community libraries. Each of the ten Museum 'wings' will take the visitor on a creative journey exploring all that is unique, beautiful, complex and downright strange on this journey through a living collection of people, stories and experiences.

Through an open call out, we are commissioning ten artists to work with each of our libraries, neighbourhoods and communities to uncover, explore and celebrate our borough. The commissions will draw new visitors to our Museum and take them to parts of the borough that they may not have explored before.

We encourage artists who live in the borough, or who have a historic relationship with the borough to apply - but wherever you are from, we want to work with exciting artists with great ideas that are fully immersed in Brent life.

To apply please download the brief and email your proposal to info@lboc2020.com. We would encourage applicants to contact curator William Galinsky for an initial conversation about any of the briefs at info@lboc2020.com and to visit the libraries and neighbourhoods in question when answering the briefs.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 12 July at 12 noon.