01 January 2020 — 31 December 2020

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An audio project from VICE and young people across the borough

VENT, a collaboration between VICE and the young people of Brent, is an audio project designed to explore the multitude of issues affecting youth today. Across a number of podcast series, our team of young Brent locals will document their perspective across topics like politics and identity, love and dating, crime, culture, the environment and beyond.

VENT will share the formative experiences of young people currently living in the borough, sending them across Brent, the capital and beyond. Working with the VICE media platform, creative young people from across the borough will develop 100 new podcasts addressing themes of justice, youth culture, current affairs and politics in Brent.

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Episode Released So Far:

  • Episode 1 (Wed 8 Jan): a discussion on young people's access to public space.
  • Episode 2 (Wed 15 Jan): an exploration of lip fillers being offered to children in the UK without ID.
  • Episode 3 (Wed 22 Jan): VICE UK journalists discuss their investigation into the dark side of Snapchat and whose responsibility it is to monitor illegal online activity.
  • Episode 4 (Wed 29 Jan): we define different types of stalking, ask how to recognise it & discuss what happens when it's not taken seriously.
  • BONUS (Fri 31 Jan): Political Journalist Marie Le Conta talks about who Boris Johnson really is, and how he got to where he is today.
  • Episode 5 (Wed 5 Feb): why did vaping get so popular? How is it marketed and who does it?
  • Episode 6 (Wed 12 Feb): Global Drugs Editor Max Daly talks about County Lines drug trafficking in the UK.
  • BONUS (Fri 14 Feb): Researcher Jess Sargeant and VICE Executive Editor Zing Tsjeng discuss same-sex marriage and devolution.
  • Episode 7 (Wed 19 Feb): VICE Managing Editor Dipo Faloyin and Samora, researcher on VICE's digital team, discuss VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and whether it's improved football since its introduction in 2018.
  • Episode 8 (Wed 26 Feb): With rent often makes up over 50% of household earnings in London, this week Simon Childs and Joel Golby from VICE come in to discuss UK housing.
  • Episode 9 (Wed 4 March): The Brent 2020 team talk to Lauren O'Neill and Zing Tsjeng from VICE about Fast Fashion and ask, when did clothes become so disposable?
  • BONUS (Sun 8 March): For International Women's Day, we discuss online feminism. From slogan tshirts and tummy teas, to the #MeToo movement. How has the internet impacted feminism?
  • Episode 10 (Wed 11 March): Brent 2020 team talk to Tayo Yusuff and Chuckie Lothian about their new Noisey series platforming the stories of gangsta rappers around the world.
  • BONUS (Fri 13 March): From celebrities to gap year travellers, Comic Relief events have come under fire before for promoting white saviourism. So what exactly is a white saviour?
  • Episode 11 (Wed 18 March): New trainers get released all the time. Why have trainers become to popular and so expensive?
  • BONUS (Fri 20 March): Was it in the stars? This bonus VENT Weekly celebrates the start of the astrological new year discussing astrology, horoscopes and star signs.
  • Episode 12 (Wed 25 March): The world is feeling hard to deal with right now & most of us are feeling more anxious than normal. Recorded in the hosts' own home, we talk about mental health.

With thanks to the members of the VICE Engagement Board who are guiding the project:

Jessica Mensah – Blueprint Collective
Joseph Nicholas – Community Advisor
Keshav Harivardhan – Blueprint Collective
Lauren Adeyemi – Blueprint Collective
Lucy Fine – Community Advisor
Rae Tarbox – Blueprint Collective
Savannah Mullings-Johnson – Blueprint Collective
Zeeyan Wardah Khan – Community Advisor