The Kilburn High

 11 July 2020

Carnival costumes Carnival costumes

A mile-long street party celebrating the Kilburn High Road

Kilburn High Road is Brent’s main thoroughfare and London’s oldest, longest and liveliest road. A mile-long stretch will be closed to traffic for a people-powered celebration of the music, migration and movements that made the ‘Music Mile’ famous.

It will be a mile of music stages and monuments, singers and sound-systems, DJs and dancefloors. A mile of feasting; of tastes, dishes, food and drink that found their way to Kilburn from across the world. And most of all, it will be a mile of people, from Kilburn, from everywhere and round the corner, partying in the street. It’s going to be the best party since Kilburnius* himself saw the freshly paved Roman road and thought ‘I like it’.

For an entire day this ancient road will be closed from Kilburn station to Kilburn High Road station. Please find alternative routes. Kilburn will be dancing in the street.

*Not a real Roman


Brent 2020 is seeking to recruit a production and event management company to work with the in-house producing team on the logistical and technical delivery of ‘the Kilburn High’, our mile-long street party, taking place on the Kilburn High Road on Saturday 11 July 2020.

Due to the wide-ranging nature of this work, we anticipate the areas of responsibility being split across a number of individuals, but we are open to proposals of how the various responsibilities would be managed. The company would be responsible for managing the production budget.

Download further details below. The application deadline is 11.59pm on Friday 13 December 2019.

Added 21 November 2019

Production and Event Management Brief, The Kilburn High

With thanks to the members of the Street Party Engagement Board who are guiding the project:

Asif Iqbal – Community Advisor
Cyrus Farinas – Brent Blueprint Collective
Deanne Isaac – South Kilburn Trust
Farhan Samanani – Community Advisor
Halima Iqbal – Brent Blueprint Collective
Mahogany Carnival Design
The Nomad
Rachel Victor Sampson – Community Advisor
Richard Hay – Brent Town Centre Manager
Savannah Mullings-Johnson – Brent Blueprint Collective
Terri Cash – Community Advisor