Seen and Heard

Developing Brent from a young person’s perspective

Most young people who live in Brent also go to school in the borough. Although young people fill up the buses, shopping centres, benches and parks, these places are rarely designed or managed with their needs in mind. Seen and Heard is a research project developed in partnership with LSE Cities to explore the relationship between Brent’s young people and urban development in the area, developing a new approach to youth-centred design.

Seen and Heard will begin in summer 2019 with the writing of a charter setting out young people’s desires for better public spaces. Learning from different spaces around London, the research team will organise creative interventions in public spaces around the borough which try to change how they are used by young people. In 2020 young people from the borough will work with designers to redesign White Horse Bridge in Wembley Park to make it a place that young people can use, gather around and repurpose.

Seen and Heard is endorsed by Wembley Park developer Quintain who will help to distribute the charter to developers and other key stakeholders in the borough and throughout London. If you are aged 16-30 and interested in joining the project, please send an email to londonboroughofcultureteam@brent.gov.uk

Participants in the Seen and Heard project:

Aleena Majeed
Ayan Abdi
Ayub Mohamed
Deanna Kerai
Debbie Kay
Emad Sadek
Halima Iqbal
Ismael Dahir
Jaynie Shah
Jermaine King
Khaleel Williams
Komaxi Quessou
Mehaira Abdelhamid
Raden Anandra Natalegawa
Sami Mohammed
Samira Abubakar
Samir Ahmed
Shreya Kachalia
Xhes Kurtaj
Yusriya Abdullatif
Zaib Ahmed
Zeyn Alsukhny

With thanks to the members of the Seen and Heard Engagement Board who are guiding the project:

Hadil Kheirallah – Brent Blueprint Collective
Ismael Dahir – Brent Blueprint Collective
Khadija Koroma – Community Advisor
LSE Cities
Zeeyan Wardah Khan – Community Advisor
Zeyn Alsukhny – Brent Blueprint Collective