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Supporting culture, art and creativity in schools in Brent

Schools are the centre of life in Brent. They are where this borough, in all its incredible diversity, gathers itself to learn and support the next generation. Opportunities to be creative and expressive, and learning through different cultural forms, have a hugely important role to play. Don’t forget that the world’s greatest educator is an art teacher from Brent!

A+B=C: Art + Brent = Culture, the Brent 2020 Education Resource will support culture, art and creativity in schools throughout the borough. The programme is an inspiring set of activities, co-created by local educators. It is both an invitation and a call-to action to get involved in the great range of events and activities on offer throughout the year of culture and beyond. We are working in collaboration with a group of 46 Brent educators as Cultural Leads to support all schools in connecting their children and young people creatively with the programme. As part of this there will be a range of CPD sessions, and a participatory festival of schools’ work in summer 2020. They are also working to build stronger relationships and new partnerships between their schools, cultural organisations and artists in the borough and across London.

A New Direction, a non-profit organisation that supports young people’s creativity and engagement with the arts across London, are supporting this work and the professional development of all teachers involved.

During 2020 we hope schools and settings in the borough will be involved in Brent’s year as London Borough of Culture. If you would like to connect your school to the programme or register your interest please contact corinne.micallef@anewdirection.org.uk

With thanks to the members of the Education Programme Engagement Board who are guiding the project:

Alice Edwards - A New Direction
Amanda Epe - Community Advisor
Catherine Allard - School representative
Corinne Micallef - A New Direction
Danny Coyle - School representative
Dhiyandra Natalegawa – Community Advisor
Errol Donald - Mindspray
Kier Crawley - School representative
Komaxi Quessou - Brent Blueprint Collective
Marion Joseph - School representative
Samira Abubakar - Brent Blueprint Collective
Wendy Kelly - School representative
Zeinab Abubakar - Brent Blueprint Collective

With thanks to Education Programme Cultural Leads:

Alicia Marco-Agullo
Ami Mehta
Andria Zafirakou
Andy Ward
Ania McKinson
Anna Mulry
Bethany Gatrell
Carmel Bernie-Francis
Chiu-Kim Lee
Chloe Villegas
Daniel Clancy
Deepa Vekaria
Deirdre O'Flanagan
Eileen Wilson
Ellie Burgess
Gemma Carter
Gemma Lewis
Gerda Palinda
Gidea Heaton
Helen Kolawole
Jane Noy
Jenna Pickering
Jenny Cooper
Johnny McCourt
Julius Metson Scott
Keisha Evans
Kier Crawley
Leslie-Ann Orlans
Lynne Whiteread
Marcel Rentall
Margaret O'Connor
Maria Demetriou
Maureen Anthony
Nawal Filali
Nicola Cummings
Nicole Reid
Philippa Saving
Rebecca Heath
Sabrina John-Lewis
Sadie Windsor-Richards
Shabiha Sayed
Simon Barr
Simon Pile
Sophie Peterken
Sujata Nehru
Thomas Evans
Toyin Oriade
Umah Sathyarooban
Vanessa Grey
Wendy Kelly
Yvonne J. D’Souza
Zoe McLaren

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