The Anthem

A song for London, told by Brent

With its head in the suburbs and its toes in the city, Brent is an extraordinary cross-section of London life. We want to write an anthem to the borough - one that celebrates this amazing, experimental, modern, urban community. All over the country people worry about whether we can still live together - Brent shows that we can and this Anthem will celebrate it. This will be a song made in Brent and we hope that when the rest of London hears it, it will feel like theirs too.

To coincide with Euro 2020, the Anthem will be performed at festivals and events throughout 2020. If you are a school, community group or enthusiast interested in helping to sing, write or compose an anthem for Brent, please write to info@lboc2020.com

With thanks to the members of the Anthem Engagement Board who are guiding the project:

Andrea Queens – Community Advisor
Anton Peris – Community Advisor
Boaz Adelekan – Brent Blueprint Collective
Brent Music Service
Spread The Word
Zaib Ahmed – Brent Blueprint Collective