Mile Long Street Party

 11 July 2020

A mile-long party celebrating the Kilburn High Road

The Kilburn High Road is London’s oldest, straightest and greatest road. It is home to London's most political theatre, what was once the biggest cinema in Europe, the best Irish pubs, the greatest music school in the capital, six shoe shops, three shisha bars, 14 places to get your phone fixed, 32 market stalls and the oldest WH Smith’s in Britain. Known as “the original London road”, it has been a source of inspiration for artists, musicians, writers and film-makers for decades. Walk in one direction for long enough and you'll reach the Irish Sea; in the other direction lies Dover. This road is the heart of a nation, a world, a city and a borough.

On Saturday 11 July 2020, we will celebrate the Kilburn High Road, and the incredible stories of the communities from around the world who have travelled along it, with an all-day street fiesta of art, dance, theatre, film, music and installations.

The Mile Long Street Party will take place on a closed and car-free stretch of the High Road between the two Kilburn stations, as part of a massive weekend for Brent as we host the final of Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium. With the eyes of the world on this corner of London, we have to show the city at its best.

Do you want to run an event as part of the Street Party or perform in it? Send an email to info@lboc2020.com. Apply for funding to support your ideas through the 2020 Culture Fund.

With thanks to the members of the Street Party Engagement Board who are guiding the project:

Asif Iqbal – Community Advisor
Cyrus Farinas – Brent Blueprint Collective
Deanne Isaac – South Kilburn Trust
Farhan Samanani – Community Advisor
Halima Iqbal – Brent Blueprint Collective
Hanad Nur – Brent Blueprint Collective
Mahogany Carnival Design
Natalie Clarke – Community Advisor
The Nomad
Rachel Victor Sampson – Community Advisor
Richard Hay – Brent Town Centre Manager
Terri Cash – Community Advisor
Vishal Satikuvar – Brent Blueprint Collective