Art + Brent = Culture, the Brent 2020 Education Programme

Schools are the centre of life in Brent. They are where this borough, in all its incredible diversity, gathers itself to learn and support the next generation. Opportunities to be creative and expressive, and learning through different cultural forms, have a hugely important role to play. Don’t forget that the world’s greatest teacher is an art teacher from Brent!

A+B=C will support culture, art and creativity in schools throughout the borough. A group of 46 teachers known as ‘cultural leads’ have come together to help make this happen. Since Autumn 2018, they have been meeting monthly to develop a series of teaching resources which draw on local heritage, culture and myths. They are also working to build stronger relationships between their schools, cultural organisations and artists in the borough and across London.

A New Direction, a non-profit organisation who support young people’s creativity and engagement with the arts across London, are supporting this work and the professional development of all teachers involved.

During 2020 we hope schools in the borough will be involved in Brent’s year as London Borough of Culture.