Volunteering for Brent 2020

BRENT NEEDS YOU! Yes, you! It’s the people of Brent that will make our programme. So get up, stand up, as Bob Marley would say, and join our one-of-a-kind volunteer team.

Be part of a network of pioneering and passionate locals, use the celebration of culture to bring people together and represent the community that you know and love for the world to see.


Sign up. If you either live, work or study in Brent and you’re 18 or over, you’re in the right place. Fill in a short online application form here to get started. Or if you prefer, you can pick up a paper copy of the form in your local library.

Meet up. We’ll invite you to have a chat with us, so we can find out more about you and you can ask us lots of questions too.

Orientation. Attend a volunteer orientation where you’ll get all the low-down on the plans for 2020 and learn all the ways you can make a difference.

Dive in. Start jumping into the volunteer opportunities that excite you most. There are lots of different events and activities, so there’s something for everyone.

High five. You’re now a certified Pioneer, which makes you an amazing part of the Brent2020 cultural community.


You can choose from a range of opportunities of all shapes and sizes like a glorious pick ‘n’ mix, available at different times and locations across the Borough. Go hands-on with supporting events, gigs, performances, and celebrations. Get curious with interviewing locals about stories and memories. Stretch your investigative muscles with archive research. Get vocal by spreading the word through your community. Get practical with admin support behind the scenes or spark a smile while meeting and greeting guests at large scale public events. Link-up to the network of volunteers and support new people into the pioneering team.

You’ll have free training and support so you’re happy and confident in your role. Public travel expenses are reimbursed, and there’ll be food for any shifts longer than 4 hours. There’ll be networking and social events to kick-back, connect, and switch to off-duty mode.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:
020 8937 2523