The Brent Blueprint Collective

Producing a music track Producing a music track

Young people shaping the Brent 2020 programme

Part-leadership programme, pressure-group and think tank, the Brent Blueprint Collective is at the heart of Brent’s year as London Borough of Culture. An inspiring group of young people, they are passionate about where they live and where they want to go.

The Brent Blueprint Collective is open and evolving. It started as a group of 30 ‘young ambassadors’ and is now a network of 70 young people aged 16-30. Everyone in the group represents, designs and has their say on the London Borough of Culture programme.

Next year the group will conceive and produce a showpiece project in the programme. It is also a way to find mentoring, visit artistic venues and creative businesses and generally find out more about opportunities, work and developing the skills needed to thrive in creative and cultural work.

The Collective is an innovative new model and will support young people’s creativity in the borough for many years to come.


We are the 79,000 young people of the Borough of Cultures!
We are the pulse that beats through Brent
We want the unheard voices to be heard, we are their voice
We want to elevate young people, we are their opportunities
We want to inspire young people, we are their role models
You are welcome to our homes and to our streets
You will be immersed in our cultures past, present and future
We represent, design and say how it is
We are young, we are leaders, we are making the future in a new way
We are the Blueprint


Abdal Riaz
Abdulahi Osman
Aleena Majeed
Ana Da Silva
Andrea Toma
Anshar Martin
Ayub Mohamed
Boaz Adelekan
Bryce Morodore
Cyrus Farinas
Dexter McLean
Dontá Chambers
Elsa Malik
Emad Sadek
Eunice Mavodi
Hadil Kheirallah
Halima Iqbal
Hamza King
Hanad Nur
Hemal Gor
Hifzah Malik
Honeybee Davis
Ishika Shah
Ismael Dahir
Jermaine King
Jessica Mensah
Jordan Richings
Joshua Hall
Joshua Mensah
Kamiah Chae Cowell
Keshav Harivardhan
Khadija Abdelhamid
Khaleel Williams
Komaxi Quessou
Kowsar Ahmed
Lauren Adeyemi
Loshini Subendran
Macsen Llewelyn Brown
Maryam Al-Makhzoumi
Mehaira Abdelhamid
Monjural Haq
Nellie Khossousi
Nitanshu Limbachiya
Noor Al-Kinani
Priya Bharadia
Raden Anandra Natalegawa
Rae Tarbox
Rukayah Majeed
Samara Roach-Keiler
Sami Mohamed
Samira Abubakar
Samira Monteleone
Sara Bokrugji
Savannah Mullings-Johnson
Shaiya Pitt
Shreya Kachalia
Siofra Healy
Tejas Islania
Tyrique Tagoe Wyse
Vanessa Ruth
Vishal Satikuvar
Xhes Kurtaj
Yusriya Abdullatif
Zaib Ahmed
Zara Afua Salifu
Zeinab Abubakar
Zeyn Alsukhny
Zoya Usman-Malik

With thanks to the members of the Brent Blueprint Collective Engagement Board who are guiding the project:

Dionne Ushwood – Community Advisor
Eunice Mavodi – Brent Blueprint Collective
Julian Hall – Ultra Education
Khadija Abdelhamid – Brent Blueprint Collective
Sean Moran – Community Advisor
Susan Grace – Community Advisor
Xhes Kurtaj – Brent Blueprint Collective