2020 Community Advisors

Helping us shape Brent’s year as London Borough of Culture

A diverse group of local residents, our 2020 Community Advisors are guiding and shaping Brent’s year as Borough of Culture. As we put Brent on London’s centre stage in 2020, our Community Advisors will help us to celebrate life in Brent and ensure that we leave a lasting legacy for the borough.

Well-connected in their communities and passionate about the potential for culture and creativity to bring positive change, our Community Advisors attend regular project board meetings, sharing their expertise and helping steer our key programme strands. They also advocate for Brent 2020 and spread the word among their networks and communities.

We want people who don't know Brent to discover it in 2020, and those who do to enjoy celebrating everything that's special, intriguing and ground-breaking about their incredible corner of London.

If you would like to become a Community Advisor, please send an email to info@lboc2020.com


Amanda Epe
Andrea Queens
Anton Peris
Asif Iqbal
Barbara de Souza
Benedicta Asamoah-Russell
Charlotte Agran
Daniel Bailey
Dhiyandra Natalegawa
Dionne Ushwood
Edel Meremikwu
Ella Taibel
Farhan Samanani
Farida Hussain
Himanshu Depala
Jasmin Shah
Jo de Souza
Joseph Nicholas
Ken Korenteng
Khadija Koroma
Krushali Kataria
Kyron J. Greenwood
Lucy Fine
Marianna Zappi
Michael Smith
Michaela Tamar Rose
Natalie Clarke
Niamh Walsh McBride
Patricia Wharton
Rachel Victor Sampson
Rajiv Chabria
Saira Arif
Sean Moran
Susan Grace
Terri Cash
Zeeyan Wardah Khan