05 September 2020 — 05 September 2020


The Brent UK UNSIGNED Mini-festival will enable local communities and artforms and music genres to be represented in performance & exhibition. Representative communities and performance types will be represented on stage, within the Festival information pack and on stalls, to tell the stories about their Brent origins.

The public will be invited to attend workshops, during the event, where they can learn how to perform the art forms of these other cultures. This will further enhance the information provided to those attending and create greater understanding of Brent’s diverse art forms.

To support the artists taking part, we will also hold workshops for them to learn how they can make their work more sustainable. This may include workshops on copyrighting productions, how to promote their showcases and establishing themselves to generate income streams through merchandise, music sales and possibly funding.

The mini-festival will include exhibitions of arts and crafts. These will be displayed on their individual stalls at the event. They will also be encouraged to prepare traditional dishes, made available to the festival attendees.

We will represent the diversity of Brent's unsigned performers across different cultural and contemporary art forms and performances.

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Saturday 5 September


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The Grange
Neasden Roundabout
Neasden Lane
London, NW10 1QB