Why Brent?

Because of the people who live here, who’ve grown here, who’ve come here from all across the world. Because of the amazing culture that those people make and do – the music, the poetry, the dancing, the food, the sounds and the sound clashes.

Because people in the rest of London, and the country, don’t know it, yet.

Don’t feel it, yet.

But they will.

Fruit and veg stall Fruit and veg stall


Each of our projects will respond to at least one of the Brent 2020 core questions:

Where are we?
Brent hasn’t been here for long. Most of London doesn’t know about us and where we are. Brent 2020 will present projects that show where Brent is and where it sits in relation to London, the country, the world and the universe. What does the world look like when viewed from here? Where are our borders? What are our landmarks? What do we look like to those looking in?

Where have we come from?
Brent is a meeting point of roads, canals, railways bringing new ideas in and out of the borough. Millions pass through every day - some stay. Brent 2020 will support projects which tell the stories of those who have struggled, loved, rebelled and made life here. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. What stories from Brent’s past need to be told?

How do we live?
Much of Brent’s creative and cultural life is behind closed doors - just over fences, walls and behind gates. In kitchens, gardens, on laptops, in sports clubs, gyms, allotments, cafes, libraries and community organisations. Brent 2020 will support projects that uncover, reveal, and explore the private and semi-private lives of families, friends and communities across the borough.

Where are we going?
Brent is always on the move. Building, creating, enterprising - into the future. Brent 2020 will support projects that help with thinking about the future of the borough. Can Brent be a place where things are done differently, independently and creatively? What kind of places does the borough need and who can make them?